Lunch Time in Greenwich Village: My Favorite Corner Café


'Hygge': a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being

When I think of hygge in New York City, I think of Greenwich Village. In this very area you'll also find my favorite street side café: Tartine. 

Tartine is a small restaurant placed right on the corner of 11th Street in Greenwich Village. I love sitting outside by the little tables places on a small platform in front of the restaurant. We've discussed before, that I'm a people watcher. It might be a Danish thing, or it might just be a human thing, but I love just sitting with my coffee or lunch and look at the bypassers. Maybe a cute dog will be out on a walk. Maybe an old lady who's day will be made with a smile. I just love it. 

But onto the food. Because that's also what we're here for. Tartine serves delicious French dishes out of their rather small kitchen in the back, as well as coffee and pastries. 

I had their Garden Salad and my friend had their Avocado Toast. Such good, light, but filling plates. And then we ordered a double espresso, which most of all looked like an Americano - I have no idea if the waitress didn't hear us correctly or if she didn't know what an Espresso is, but we didn't complain, because the coffee we got was so good anyway. 


a little pearl in the busy city

Whenever I come to this restaurant I somehow forget that I'm in a busy concrete jungle. I can't help but dream about one day buying a townhouse on the street and hanging out on the stoop. A girl can dream, right? 


Make sure you have cash, as this restaurant only accept cash. They are not good at making aware of this, and I honestly threw a small fit last time I was there, because they didn't make me aware before I ordered my lunch and then had to use their ATM, for which they take a $2 fee. But as long as you have some cash, you're good ;)

Adress: 253 W 11th St