What To Do In New York City When Totally Bored

new york city

Finding yourself bored in New YOrk city?

Say what?! Don't worry, I got you. Below, I've gathered five things to do that you probably won't find in your guide book. One is sporty, one is full of laughters, one is breathtaking, one is really cozy, and one is a little freaky.

McKittrick Hotel

Completed in 1939, The McKittrick Hotel was intended to be New York City’s finest and most decadent luxury hotel of its time. Six weeks before opening, and two days after the outbreak of World War II, the legendary hotel was condemned and left locked, permanently sealed from the public. Until now…
— McKittrick Hotel

sleep no more

I went here for a girls night out last year not really knowing what to expect. The only pictures I had in my head was the scene from Gossip Girl that was shot here. We were handed a white mask and a playing card, and then went inside to have a cocktail before the "show" started. A lovely jazz band was playing. The host introduced the rules. No photos/videos, no talking, when you leave you can't go back in. And then he told us to look at our playing card. "All of you who have a red playing card with an ace are now allowed in." Five minutes after; "All of you who have a black playing card with a queen are now allowed in." And so it went... This is where I'm leaving you to it. It's an artsy, freaky, exciting experience, and I definitely recommend going. 

Get tickets to SLEEP NO MORE here.

McKittrick Hotel, 530W 27th St.


Everyone touring the sites of New York wants to stop and visit the famous Apollo Theater in Harlem.
— SkyScanner.com

in the heart of Harlem

Apollo opened its doors in 1914 as a Burlesque Theater. In '34 the theater got the name Apollo, and became the theater we know today - it was at the same time opened up to black people (before then, it had been white people only venue). In '83 the interior & exterior was declared a New York City landmark and was added to the National Register of Historical Places. In '87 Showtime at Apollo launched, and that's exactly why I'm telling you about this place. Not only is it filled with history, it's filled with talent. Just to name a few stars, who's career started here: Billy Holiday, The Jackson 5, Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder, and Aretha Franklin. 

I went here for the Amateur Night Christmas Edition and I loved it. You can get a feel for the vibe in my December Week 2 video (at 5.40 minutes).  

Apollo, 253 W 125th St

Golf at Chelsea Piers

All-weather facility with hitting stalls & a net-covered fairway jutting over the Hudson River.
— Chelsea Piers

golfing in the middle

of manhattan

This is your one and only chance to drive, chip, and putt on a scenic Hudson River pier. If you're a golf player or not, this is such a fun activity, if you need a little break from shopping and sightseeing. You purchase a ball card, insert it into your hitting stall's card reader, and golf balls begin to tee-up automatically. It's quite fun! You can also play in the simulator and the putting green. 

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The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers, 59 Chelsea Piers


One belongs to New York city instantly. One belongs as much to it in five minutes as in five years. 

- Tom Wolfe

The Stand

The rustic, 80-seat space is intimate enough for the comics to pick on your Nehru jacket but spacious enough that your view won’t be blocked by every person over six feet.
— New York Magazine

The perfect date-spot or girls night out

The Stand is a basement comedy venue with loads of comedy shows all week long. I will go as far as saying that this is the best comedy I've ever seen, and I love comedy. Upstairs there's a lovely restaurant serving dressed-up American comfort fare & cocktails.

Check out all upcoming events here.

The Stand, 239 3rd Ave

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Taking the cinema etiquette serious.
— Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Dinner & a movie in one

Alamo is an American cinema chain founded in and old warehouse (hence the name) back 1997 in Texas. It's a cool dine-in movie theater, and I was actually surprised by the quality of the food & drinks. The seating is arranged with rows of cabaret style tables in front of each row of seats, with an aisle between each row to accommodate waiter service. Customers write their orders on slips of paper, which are picked up by black-clad waiters. And don't worry about noise from all the dining guests, Alamo is famous for its strict policy of requiring its audiences to maintain proper cinema-going etiquette. 

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Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, 445 Albee Square W #4 in Brooklyn & 548 Central Park Ave, Yonkers