Calling All Magazine Lovers: Must-Visit Magazine Mekka in SoHo

Mulberry Iconic Magazines

Mulberry Iconic Magazines

Call me old fashioned, but I love magazines. A good, physical-copy magazine. The smell of it, the feeling when flipping through the pages... the inspiration. When buying a magazine, it's definitely something I consider treating myself to something nice. Investing in my create fluids. 

I remember being a young teen, and my mom coming home after work with a fashion magazine for me. It was just a little something extra, when she wanted to spoil me. And I loved it. I sat in my room just absorbing all the inspiration from the glossy pictures, gorgeous adverts, fashion trends, the perfectly written articles. I read ELLE, Eurowoman, Cosmopolitan, Vogue. And they piled up in my room as a nice piece of furniture. I even started cutting out all the clothes and accessories I liked, pasting them into a note book turned outfit-portfolio. Then I would draw models under the clothes. And write little texts next to, explaining exactly why I liked that outfit. I think that was actually the seed to starting my blog. 


Magazine mekka


on mulberry street

Stepping into the small corner shop on 188 Mulberry Street you're met by stacks of coffee table worthy magazines from floor to ceiling. It's probably how my childhood bedroom would have looked by now, had I still lived at my parents house! It's pretty impossible to leave without something good in your hands.  

My favorite magazines have definitely changed over the years. Now more than ever I have focus on beautiful photography and well-written articles. I'm loving more artsy magazines, rather than fashion magazines filled with product, and below magazines are on top of the list. 

mulberry iconic magazines