How To Survive The Summer In New York City

Manhattan sunset

2 Showers a Day

Guilty as charged. I mostly take two showers a day. A fast, cold shower in the morning to wake up and cool down after my morning workout. And then I usually take a shower before bed to make sure I'm clean for a good nights sleep. There's literally nothing worse than getting into bed sticky from your subway commute and the city fog.

Tip: focus on colder showers rather than hot and steamy, keep them under 3 minutes (we have to think about the environment). 

As Much Water as Possible From Morning

I have always drank a lot of water by nature, but during the summer time it is even more important to stay hydrated. But staying hydrated can also happen through your food as well as healthy juices. 

Tip: drink a big glass of water first thing in the morning and add lemon juice from half a lemon for the ultimate hydration. And then make sure to bring a bottle of water with you. 

Yoga on top of New York City

morning meditation & yoga on top of New york city

I love getting in a workout before my day starts. I do Yoga, muscle strengthening, and biking. I recently went to my first Yoga class with Wellness Official, which they host at JIMMY at The James' stunning rooftop overlooking lower Manhattan. And during the summer you can try it too! Every Thursday morning from 7.30-9AM. The Meditation starts at 7.30AM and the Yoga starts at 8AM, but I think you should join both to get the most out of you class. It's such a magical experience to feel so zen while the city wakes up around you. $35

 Check out the event here.

Tip: If you want to cool down by the pool, you can buy a pass for the pool at JIMMY at The James for you to use after your class. $65 per person, buy your pass here. Or you can keep reading, and see how you can access a pool for free.

Avoid the subway

If possible, you should definitely try to avoid the subway - it's easily 10-15 degrees (fahrenheit) warmer down there than on the street. What you can do instead is taking the bus, which you pay for with your Metrocard, a CitiBike (get the app here), take a taxi/Uber, or just walk. 

If you absolutely have to take the subway, try to stand as close as possible to the turnstiles to get some sort of air circulation, and then remember: never get on an empty subway car, there's a reason why it's empty. 

the hamptons

Getaway to The Hamptons

If you seriously need a break from the buzzing, hot city, how about a weekend getaway to The Hamptons? Read my Hamptons Guide right here.

Wear Airy Outfits

Avoid tight clothing like jeans and opt for airy dresses, loose shirts, and sandals. Materials like linen and cotton are the best to wear in warm weather as they naturally cool you down a little bit and allow more air-flow. 

Central park

The green oasis in the middle of Manhattan. Central Park has a few big lawns like Sheep's Meadow and Great Lawn, as well as a public pool called Lasker pool - great for the tanners. Otherwise you can find some shadow under the many trees and enjoy some peace and quiet. 

Tip: Bring food and drinks - and a blanket - to avoid buying from the food trucks inside the park. Then you have money for an ice cream in there later on ;)

pool time

find a pool

New York City is full of public pools and from June 27th they open up for all the hot summer guests (until September 9th). Pools are open daily from 11AM-7PM - with a short cleaning break between 3-4PM. There are a few things to be aware of though: you'll need to bring a lock to secure your belongings, no food allowed, no electronics allowed, and you have to wear a swimsuit at all times. Other than that, enjoy!

Read more about the rules & where to find the nearest pool here.

or go to the beach

Believe it or not, New York is full of beaches. You just have to find them. Let me just name a few: Jones Beach, Long Beach, Coney Island, Rockaway Beach & Boardwalk, and Jacob Riis Park Beach are just a few. How to get there you ask? Simply put the name of your locations and your desired beach into Google Maps and choose the train option. This will give you the directions.