Guide To 3 Instagrammable Places In Manhattan You Didn't Know

NYC Mural Wall

Let's get that 'gram!

I love photography, and I love Instagram, so I thought I would combine those two in a post for you today! It's all about 3 of my favorite spots to catch that 'gram in Manhattan, so let's dive right into it. 

Westfield Shopping Center

First up, a newer addition to the Financial District: The Westfield Shopping Center. Such an unbelievable building. To me, it mostly look like a skeleton of a bird - a pretty big one - but it's a perfect photo-op for that clean, Scandinavian vibe Instagram photo. 


The outside of the building is really beautiful with the big 'wings' that continues down to the ground and create the perfect white frame when sitting on the marble benches in between each pole - or bone if we're sticking to the bird metaphor. 


You'll find the more iconic photo that you will have seen a thousand times on Instagram by now. But nevertheless, I thought you might want both choices.  

Westfield Shopping Center, 185 Greenwich St

Minetta Street

instagram guide to new york city

I love this little hidden street in Greenwich Village. It's the perfect opportunity to take tat iconic 'walking in the middle of the street'-photo, because there are rarely any cars of this street. In fact, I don't think I've ever experiences any cars driving down this street. The reason being that it's a very short street that basically juts takes you back to the street you came from. 

Minetta Street, Greenwish Village

The ladies pavilion

I love taking photos in Central Park, and I especially love this vintage-looking pavilion close to the big lake. From here you get a perfect view of the skyline and can take som gorgeous photos with that in the background. You can also take some cool photos with the pavilion as backdrop, or you can even venture up on the big rock in front of the pavilion. 

The Ladies Pavilion, Central Park - Entrance by 77 street.  

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