Paris in New York: Maison Kayser

Maison Kayser

But first, coffee

When my friends and family visit me in the City, the most frequently asked question is where we can get the best coffee. And I'm always happy to show them all my favorite spots. And of course you guys too! So today, let's talk about my absolute favorite morning coffee spot: Maison Kayser. 

In the summertime you'll often find me eating my breakfast while drinking a morning coffee - or two - at Maison Kayser's Columbus Circle location. You can sit outside and enjoy your food while looking at the hustle and bustle of the city as well as over on Central Park. I love that view. But I also love people watching, so maybe that's why. 

Maison Kayser is located many places in the city. I'm a sucker for their cozy interior. Very parisian-chic. And then they just have the best desserts, if you have a sweet tooth like myself. 

Tip: When you just enter this spot it mostly looks like a bakery/coffee shop, but in the back they have the most amazing low-key French restaurant. I've been there for lunch a few times, and I always go with the French onion soup. 

My favorite can be found here: 1800 Broadway and you can check out their menu here