9 Must-See's When Visiting New York City For The First Time

New York City stoop

Going to New York City for the first time?

The concrete jungle can get very overwhelming for a first-time visitor, but I've gathered 9 sights for your must-see list. Some of them are pretty touristy, and some of them are hidden gems, but they are all iconic.

Walk the Highline 

A 2,33 km green oasis crated on old train tracks going all the way from Gansevoort Street to 34th Street. This is a great mini-escape from the concrete jungle while still being able to look at all the beautiful buildings around you (and take great Instagram photos).

Staten Island Ferry (Free)

Take the Staten Island Ferry from Whitehall Terminal, Lower Manhattan to (surprise, surprise) Staten Island. You’ll both get some fresh air (if you stand on the outside deck), get a great view to the Financial District and the Statue of Liberty, and be able to check Staten Island off your list. Win win win.

Explore new areas

Bring your camera, hop on the subway, and get off somewhere you don’t know. Explore new areas of New York City. 

Be cultural, go to a museum

There are so many galleries and museums in The City for example MoMA, The Whitney, Guggenheim, The Frick, and American Museum of Natural History. But you can also head to Chelsea on gallery-hopping between all the galleries on the streets between 10th & 11th Avenue.

Tip: many museums have suggested price, so make sure to ask!

Central Park

Need I say more? There are so many things to do in Central Park. Rent a bike, and discover the Park on wheels, go for a run following all the different paths, bring a blanket and have a picnic, look for as many TV-famous spots as possible, sail row boats, walk around, smell the nature… I could go on and on and on.

Brooklyn Bridge

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge. That’s fun! Not only is the bridge iconic, the view is amazing and you can imagining acting in Sex and the City The Movie. That scene where Miranda and Steve are meeting half-way between their two places, and if they both show up they both want to get back together. They see each other and they just start running towards each other, and meet in the biggest kiss ever. So much love!

China Town and Little Italy. 

There are so many little shops, markets, and restaurants down there. That could keep you busy for hours. I especially love checking out all the very exotic candy in China Town.

Go to the movies

But not just a regular movie: find a film set and spot celebrities. I often walk right pass these huge film setups, and they are all over the city (not just downtown). If you are lucky, you can spot a title of the movie or TV-show, but mostly this is kept a secret. But I did run into a shoot the other day, where I quickly recognized the actor Peter Scanavino, so I knew they were filming Special Victims Unit. That was exciting, I'm telling you! 

99c pizza

Go to 42nd street and have 99 cent pizza. Yes, they are all over The City, but I do feel like it’s extra iconic to eat it while looking at all the amazingly huge billboards, and taking in all the life in Midtown.

So peeps, go have fun!