3 Festive Photo-Op's To Visit In New York City During Christmas

Festive Photo-Op's in New York City

It’s the most wonderful time

of the year.

And New York City is nothing short of magical when all the lights go up. I’ve gathered my Top 3 photo-op’s for this festive time of the year. I guarantee you will leave them feeling 100% festive and ready to burst out singing ‘Laaaaast Christmas.’


Lotte Palace New YOrk

If you watched Gossip Girl, you’ll recognize this location (It’s where Serena lives with her family). For the past three years, I’ve paid Lotte Palace a visit every Christmas for a photo at the Christmas tree and a drink in their fancy bar. The hotel is at least as festive on the inside as on the outside!

The plaza

Location right across from Central Park and 5th Avenue, The Plaza is a must-visit for anyone who loves a chic New York experience. Also, if you watched Home Alone 2, you might recognize this hotel (it’s where Kevin stays and spend way too much of his dad’s money). The Plaza also has a food court and shopping mall, which you can enter from the sides.

Wollman rink

If you love ice skating, Wollman Rink in Central Park is definitely worth a visit. There are several ice skating rinks around the city, but this just continues to be my favorite. The view is insane and it’s a bit bigger than the other ones. If you don’t have skates yourself, it will come out to about $40 per person for entrance, skates, and locker. But in my opinion, it’s the perfect Christmas activity.

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