Urban Backyard, Your New Go-To Spot On Mulberry Street

Urban Backyard

a little piece of heaven in this urban jungle.

I almost walked passed this place on 180 Mulberry St (mostly because I was on my phone, gah), but I quickly realized that it was the place to explore. Urban Jungle is what I would call “a whole in the wall” because of its size, but the decor and great drink and food menu is just amazing.

We had a Tumeric Latté, an Almond Milk Lavender Latté, an Earl Grey croissant, and two mini cupcakes (one flourless chocolate, and one vanilla/almond) decorated with beautiful succulent frosting. I loooved the flourless cupcake and Lavender Latté, and would definitely recommend those two. We couldn’t try everything on their menu (it’s a pretty big drinks and snacks menu), so I’ll have to come back for the Raspberry Cream Cheese Croissant, the awesome looking Banana Bread, and to try all their other takes on a latté.

Urban Backyard

Tbh we didn’t sit outside, as the city is getting pretty chilly (loving it though), but we just had to snap some cute photos outside the café sitting on a hay bale, surrounded by pumpkins and autumnal decor. And we were definitely not the only ones jumping at that opportunity. Inside the café are loads of amazing plants in all shapes and sizes. They had also decorated the space with pumpkins to make it festive. You sit on either wooden benches or a sofa - we chose the sofa, and it was a pretty cool setting for a cozy afternoon.

I would love to know if you go! Tag me on Instagram or leave me a comment down below.