I'm back in New York

back in new york city

And just like that I'm back in New York City, and a week has passed.

I'm surprised how much work was waiting for me, when I came back. It's a good thing, but boy, I haven't even had time to write this post before now. I was lucky to work with a Danish jewelry designer on her show here in New York, which was today - I literally just came home. I've helped out my dear friend and her boyfriend at their new café, I've been on shoots, been to Diane von Furstenberg NYFW event, and I've worked as a freelance writer. Hectic, but I love having so many different jobs and meeting so many different people also. 

So all-in-all it's good to be back in New York. For obvious reasons, it was very hard to return to the states, and I might've cried many tears. I might've also doubted if I should even live here anymore, or if I should just go home to Denmark. Conclusion for now is that we live here. In New York. 

So let's get back to work. I hope to be very busy this fall, and proporly get my freelance biz up and running. On top of that, we'll be moving to a new apartment October 31st, but more about that later. For now: I'm back, with a new, fresh energy, I feel inspired and ready to go. Let's do this! 


Blouse - DAY

Shorts - ASOS

Glasses - Warby Parker

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