Ohii, An Honest Review

Ohii beauty review

“a fresh line of fun products meant to fill in the blanks of your beauty routine.”

If you haven’t heard of Ohii yet, this is a brand new beauty brand by Urban Outfitters. It’s vegan, so you can feel good putting it on your skin, and then it’s just packaged in a cute, simple way. Very much to my liking. I’ve tried out some of the new Ohii products, so I thought I would run you through my thoughts.

I often get DM’s on Instagram from you guys, when I show my make-up on my stories. Trust me, I’m hearing you when you ask for my beauty routine and which products I use. Honestly I just haven’t had the guts to dive into beauty on my different platforms. Why? Well, 1) Because there are so many, who’s doing such a brilliant job at it, and 2) Because I honestly have a very Scandinavian minimalist make-up and skincare routine (although I have added more and more to my collection over the years). But I thought it’s about time we get some beauty on this blog!

So here you go. My very first beauty post with a review of Ohii. I’m going to be very real about the pros and cons, because in the end, if you buy the products, I want you to be happy with them.

ohii big reveal peal off mask.jpeg

big reveal peel off mask

I love a good face mask. Especially those that doesn’t require the messy washing-off-part after. This one is a peel-off mask, which actually made me buy it first of all. The fact that it said glow was the next thing that convinced me.

Review: Doesn’t smell like anything, I would’ve preferred a nice natural smell of some sort, but I’ll let that be. I have to admit that I put way too much on, and that I need a brush to do it well. It needs just a thin layer, which is good, as you won’t use it up as fast. After 15-20 minutes it’s easy peasy to peel it off. My skin was so soft and glowy after.

Price: $16

Ohii Glass Powder

Glass powder

No one wants to look too shiny, but that can be hard here in New York with the 80% humidity we experience sometimes. So I was very tempted to try this Glass Powder, which is supposed to give your skin a lovely matte look.

Review: Again, I need a proper brush. Besides that this powder does everything it advertised. Don’t put too much on, because it has very high coverage - and who doesn’t love that? Also, I LOVE the packaging. If Urban Outfitters would just tell me that the plastic is recycled, my heart would skip a beat for this one.

Price: $18

magic hair wand.jpeg

magic hair wand

Who would’ve thought this was a thing? I guess when they said Ohii “fill in the blanks of your beauty routine,” they were right. I’ve needed this without even knowing.

Review: First off it feels like you’re greasing up your hair, but when it’s dry you can’t see it at all. It kept my baby hair and grey (!!!) hair down really nicely for a sharp, girls-night-out style ponytail all night.

Price: $12

ohii daydream hand cream.jpeg

daydream handcreme

I’m the kind of person that has enough handcremes to put one in each of my (way too many) bags. But of course I couldn’t resist one more.

Review: I only liked the smell of this one with citrus tea scent, which I think is a shame. The one with rose was okay, but had potential to give me a headache. I would’ve loved if Ohii throughout the range had thought a bit more about the scents. It’s not your save-my-drier-than-dry-hands handcream, but it’s soft and quick to rub into the skin. It’s a good on-the-go handcreme.

Price: $10