What I Would Tell My Younger Self (Warning: This Gets Pretty Emotional)

What I would tell my younger self

In July I turned 26

Which I was looking forward to because 1) I think it sounds better than 25, and 2) I would obviously be wiser than ever (as if). I wasn’t really that excited to celebrate my birthday this year because my grandmother was very ill - and had been for a long time - but at this time we had also been told that she had very little time left.

So I had travelled back to Denmark to see her and my family already in the beginning of July. I had a wonderful, and very important time with my grandparents in those weeks up until my birthday. I stayed at their house, and my mom came over too. On my birthday my grandmother was feeling very poorly in the morning. But we did have a lovely breakfast, I opened my gifts, and some of the neighbors came by to say happy birthday. We all got ready, and then my grandmother sat down for a nap. My mom and I went for a little stroll in town while she got some rest, and then we were supposed to all go out for lunch. Long story short my grandmother was picked up by an ambulance that evening and brought to the emergency room. That was the last time she was home.

From my birthday until August 8th, I (and my family) visited her at the hospital, where my grandfather also was staying with her. She kept saying she was so sorry for ruining my birthday, but I just told her not to be so silly. She was the most important thing in my life (together with my mom & Edward) and I wanna say I went through a lot this summer with her life coming to an end. I’ve never had a person so close to me pass away, and I don’t think it is possible for me to ever get over. But I did learn a lot about myself this summer. Things that I would tell my younger self, if I could. Things that would make her proud.

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don’t complain

You have a great life. You’re alive, you’re healthy, you can walk, sing, dance, cook. Whenever you want. Stop complaining about little things in life that doesn’t really mean anything in the grand scheme of things.

listen & remember

Listen to stories that your grandparents and parents tell you. Remember them. Learn from them. Your grandparents and parents have obviously gone trough more of life than you have, so listen and learn.

you’re not immortal

Live life now. Don’t dream about ‘one day.’ Go out there and do something about those dreams, work hard, keep working hard, and you’ll get there.

help more

Be less ego and help people. Be it your family, your friends, a homeless person, a neighbor. Just help them. Also, when your parents ask to clean your bathroom, you should’ve just done it without complaining, because life was so easy for you. So just help, okay?

Trust your gut

You will make the right choices for yourself. Don’t worry about that other people might think of you. If you want something, do it. Just have enough confidence to trust yourself, because you will make the right choices.