Beachin’ in New York City 101


The summer feels amazing in New York City

Especially on those days, where the weather finds that perfect medium of high degrees and low humidity. But those days are the best of summer. Those days are also the once we have the fewest of. Not to sound greedy. But nevertheless, both kind of days are perfect to head to the beach. And since the New York beach experience can involve a little more traffic and chaos than your summer holiday in Greece with walking distance to the azur blue water, and thought I would help you out a little bit with a guide on how to beach in New York City.

Find the right beach for you

New York has plenty of opportunities for a lush beach experiences, and I’ve written a blog post just about this, where you can get way more info – but then I think you should come back to this article after ;) Just last week I went to three different beaches. Mostly to relax and work on my tan, but also to research for this article.

We started out with Brighton Beach

Which I would categorize as the budget friendly choice. We took the subway (free because we already had unlimited weekly rides), and 1,5 hour later we found ourselves relaxed to the sound of the waves at Brighton Beach (free to the public).

Second beach trip was to Long Island

A beach day I would call the medi-luxe choice. We drove in my car to Long Island (I spent around 20 dollars on gas, which was plenty to go back and forth), and an hour later we found ourselves at the Long Beach boardwalk. Since it was Saturday, there was a flea market in front of the beach entrance, and also ice cream vendors, as well as a restaurant. A little walk and we were relaxing to the sound of the waves yet again (15 dollars per person – you are able to rent sun chairs for 15 dollars and umbrellas for 10 dollars).

Third beach trip was to Greenwich Point Park in Connecticut

And this is the one I would call luxe. We drove my car to Greenwich (I spent around 20 dollars on gas, which was plenty to go back and forth), and 50 minutes later we were at the community center, where you can buy daily beach passes (7 dollars per person and 35 for car parking). A quick 5-minute ride later, and we found ourselves at the smaller, more private beach.

Remember SPF

As long as I remember I’ve been using Piz Buin for both face and body. I use 30 for my body, and 50 for my face. I've also tried brands like La Roche-Posay, Hawaiian, Clinique, Avéne, & Neutrogena. Just to know which I like best. I have listed my favorite sun blockers below.

beach essentials


I love reading a good book at the beach. It’s the perfect relaxation, and I find that I can concentrate more about it here rather than on my couch. Make sure you bring a magazine also, if you need a break from your book.

I also always bring my headphone to be able to listen to podcasts or music. You can also watch YouTube videos or download movie to your phone.

Something to lay on

Yes, you for sure remembered your towel, but what about a bigger throw to lay under your towel? I love the beach, but I hate sand. And I will make to tell anyone I go to the beach with, just so they’re aware that I turn into Monica if sand lands on my perfectly arranged “bed.” So I suggest bringing a big bed linen or picnic throw to lay under you towels on the sand.

beachin' 101

Now all there's left is to have a ton of fun and get in a good dosis of relaxation!