Chop Chop: How I Carry My Personality In My Hair

my hair story

When I was a little girl I had really long hair.

Long, blond hair. Looking at photos now, I just think I was so cute. Then I got older and I chopped my hair off. Like a really short bob with very visible layers.

I also had bangs at one point. Those really sharp, thick bangs. And I actually kept the bob my whole teenage life, because that was just me. And my mom said I looked the best with shorter hair, so I listened. And then on to parting it in the middle rather than the side. Moving onto my twenties: time to grow my hair long. Mostly just as an experiment, you know, "I have to try it once it my adult life"-kind of thing.

And so I did. But I've also come to a conclusion: I like my bob. A longer bob. It just fits my personality. It's fresh, easy to handle (I hate having to dry my hair for ages), and doesn't get too hot in the summer.So I made a decision and called the hairdressers for a cut. And then got a little frame around the face with 70's bangs. It's been about a year since I went to the hairdressers. Probably not the best decision if you ask the hair-gurus, but I had a mission of getting the bob to grow out. 

  So here we are. Shorter hair, 70's bangs. I feel ready to concur the summer, and I feel like myself.