My Favorite Summer Wardrobe Pieces

zara top

Feminine crop top & high waisted denim skirt

The summer has arrived and New York City is hot and humid. I'm trying my best to create new outfits out of my existing wardrobe, and not just any outfits, outfits that will allow as much airflow as possible. If possible, I would just wear a bikini all day, every day. But I'm sure that would look a little funny walking around downtown Manhattan. 

This outfit is all old pieces, but before you think "That's so boring," I'm just going to say, that I absolutely love it. The top is a dream for many reasons; 1. 100% cotton 2. It has little wholes all over allowing the air to cool me down in the heat 3. It's cropped with the cutest peplum rim. It is such a feminine and timeless blouse, so this is probably not the last summer I will wear this. Then there's the skirt. A skirt I bought about 5 years ago, shopping with my mama. She has always had a timeless, feminine style, and I have always adored it. Although I don't quite remember, I'm pretty sure she bought it for me, and boy am I glad she did. I wear it every year as soon as it's time for bare legs (I'm not a fan of tights). And then there's the center piece of the outfit: the basket bag. My most complemented bag to date. It's really just a highstreet find from Zara, but it turned out to be a real gem. Every time I wear it women on the street stop me to ask where it's from. That just makes me so happy. And so what if I haven't stopped wearing it since the beginning of May... 

cos skirt
zara bucket bag

Summer trend to watch:

For the third summer in a row, basket bags aren't going anywhere. Wear the oversized version to the beach, a cute bucket version for strolling around the city, or a chic shoulder bag version for a night out.



Skirt - Cos

Shirt - Zara

Bag - Zara

Sandals - Steve Madden

Earrings - Pilgrim Jewelry

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