How To Make Your Highstreet Outfit Look Expensive


Beware of the fit

Well, first of all let's just agree that the fit is the most important thing. Make sure your clothes fit your body and that you feel comfortable in it. There's nothing worse than trying to fit into that pair of skinny jeans from your teenage years or that blazer that just doesn't hit you right on the shoulders. You will feel uncomfortable in it, and it will show.

Minimalism first

We all know by now that I'm a proud Scandinavian woman, and that's not only when it comes to my culture, but also when it comes to dressing minimalistic. Less is more in my opinion. Simple silhouettes and classic styles can definitely go a long way.

Simple jewelry

I'm a gold-girl at heart, but whatever you prefer - even if you're a mix & match kinda soul - keep it simple. Thin stacked necklaces, delicate rings, feminine watch, maybe a pair of hoops. Think delicate. 

Classic colours

Opt for less neon pink and more white, grey, camel, and black. Not that color isn't welcome, but try to limit it to one or two of your items rather than your whole outfit being a big fluffy rainbow - although that can look very cute & fun, we are discussing how to make your highstreet outfit look more expensive. 

Shop my outfit

Blazer - ASOS

White Shirt - Uniqlo 

White Shirt with Print - SheIn

Sunglasses - ASOS

Necklace - Reclaimed Vintage at ASOS

Jeans - Levi's

Shoes - Gucci

Crossbody Bag - Gucci

Basket Bag - SheIn

Good quality

Choose good quality pieces. Just because you shop in Zara, Mango, and H&M doesn't mean you have to suffer on the quality account. Look for fabric like 100% cotton, linen, mohair, and cashmere and then make sure your take good care of these pieces. 

Gucci loafers and bag - designer accessories

Add a designer accessory

Now, you might find this cheating, but a pair of nice shoes or a handbag can make your $50 outfit look like $500. A good example is wearing a loose white tee and jeans, and then add a pair of good shoes. Your outfit will go from 0-100 in less time than it takes you to say 'look south of my ankles'.