My Favorite Highstreet Bags For Summer 2018

zara basket bag

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I love a smart bag. Clutch, basket, shoulder, satchel - you name it. If it's cute, I'm sold. I even used to work for a handbag company here in New York City. I think a good handbag completes your outfit (obviously in collaboration with jewelry, shoes, and potentially sunglasses) in the best way, and since I've been on the lookout for a bag to add to my summer wardrobe I thought I would hint you all about some of my favorites.

The one bag I've been wearing the most this summer is my basket bag from Zara, that I bought last year (I have found some very similar styles below). It was originally a crossbody, but I decided to cut off the long strap and just use the short handle. It mostly remind me of a picnic basket or a bee hive, which are two things that scream summer to me. And never have I ever received so many compliments on a bag. I'm telling you, I can't leave the house without someone complimenting my bag or another asking where it's from - and then I'm always so happy to inform that it's just a highstreet gem. So today, I've gathered three price ranges of bags: under $50, under $100, and under $200.

My style in bags are very simple. I like minimalistic bag, not too much fuzz, earthy tones, and in a smaller size. You will occasionally see me wearing a tote, but that's pretty extraordinary. In my favorites you'll find a lot of basket bags, which are so trendy again this summer, simple leather bags with details that make them look expensive, as well as the cute bags with pom-poms or patterns. So let's dive into it!

Under $50

my favorite summer bags

Under $100

Under $200

I would love to know your favorites in the comments below!