Feminine Stripes & Vintage Denim

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All the forgotten pieces.

I'm so excited for my summer wardrobe this year. Most of my summer pieces I packed down (deep down) in my drawer before we moved apartment last year, so I had happily forgotten all the chic tops and flowy dresses I have. 

I love this feminine cropped top that I bought from Zara last summer before a vacation to Spain. I only wore it a few times, because I went a little crazy on the shopping and bought way to many items to actually wear it all. But that just makes it that more exciting to dive into that deep drawer this season and wear all the pieces that honestly feel new. 

I felt so effortless chic strolling around SoHo in this outfit. The Levi's denim cut-offs are so comfortable, and the slight show of belly let me cool down in the heat. Another piece I'm loving again this spring/summer is the bucket bag I'm wearing here. It's probably the most complimented bag I own, and it's "just" a highstreet gem from Zara. Great purchase. I did cut off the long leather strap that let you wear it on your shoulder - I just thought it was simpler with just the handle. 

OOTD at La Esquina

Retro fruit soda

at La Equina

La Esquina is such a cool spot located on 114 Kenmare St in SoHo. I love stopping by for their delicious tacos, awesome margaritas, and a sweet fruit soda for dessert.

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Blouse - Zara

Shorts - Levi's 501

Bag - Zara

Earrings - H&M

Sunglasses - Ray-Ban

Sandals - Steve Madden

summer outfit

Mulberry Iconic Magazines

Located on 188 Mulberry St is my favorite magazine store. Walking in you'll find national and international magazines from floor to ceiling. It's a magazine mekka.

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