Festive OOTD + ASOS Haul

festive ootd ASOS

“I’m pretty sure you were an elf in an earlier life.”

Is what Edward tells me every time I dress in something remotely festive this time of year. And I am extra AF, so he’s probably right. In my mind it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and I wake up happy every single morning excited for what’s to come.

This outfit is from the weekend, where we strolled through the shops at The Plaza Hotel, had a festive hot chocolate in Starbuck’s even more festive to-go cups, and had a look at all the pretty decorated windows on 5th Avenue. I do want to say that 5th Avenue can do two things to you this time of year (especially on the weekend): either you stroll down the street with a smile on your lips, casually photographing and filming the festivities, while sipping your hot chocolate or it become a game of how can I get the fastest through this crowd and survive Christmas in New York this year. In my relationship there’s a person for each team, I’ll let you take a guess who’s who.

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festive ootd asos
festive ootd asos
festive ootd asos

As I’m doing Vlogmas this year, you can watch all the fun from this day here. I’m enjoying Vlogmas so, so much, and I hope you’re all loving it too. I have also a set schedule for vlogmas-and-christmas-film-watching every single night, and it’s been very cozy so far (I’m sure I won’t be able to keep that up the entire month, but the attempt and the amount of hygge is real). You can also watch my Vlogmas Day 3 below, where I unbox an ASOS order containing the elf-dress and many other festive items for December.


watch vlogmas day 3