My Favorite Statement Coats

My Favorite Statement Coats

it’s the most wonderful, magical time of

the year

The time has come for big fluffy coats, and since we’re going to wear them every time we step food outside the door we might as well make it count. I’ve built myself quite a collection of bold, statement coats, so I thought we could go through my favorite styles.

the aviator

I’ve loved this style since Acne Studios designed their version in black leather with the softest fur and the coolest details. At that time I worked in a store that happened to carry Acne Studios (and many other very expensive brands), but I wasn’t smart enough to get it with my discount. Since then (6 years ago) I’ve dreamed of owning it one day. But until then, I’ll have to settle for other versions, and luckily many other brands have jumped onto the trend. This one is from Barney’s at ASOS, and is all faux, which I don’t mind at all as long as it doesn’t look or feel cheap. It’s surprisingly warm with the white faux fur inside the sleeves. I love wearing this jacket for more low-key things like a walk in the park, going to the supermarket or going to our friend’s house.

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The Flannel

This one has been my favorite this autumn. It’s a gem from Cynthia Rowley found in Marshall’s, so it only cost me $50, and I’ve gotten so much wear out of it. It’s pretty thin, but 95% wool, so layered with a Heat Tech turtleneck from Uniqlo it will be great for those “warmer” winter days.

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The fur

My Favorite Statement Coats

I love when it gets cold enough for me to rip out my Loavies fur from my closet. I bought it last December and I just love everything about it. It’s a faux fur, but not synthetic at all. I also have a vintage fox fur in beige, which I bought 5 years ago in Denmark. Furs are such a statement, and they definitely keep you warm.

my favorite statement coats

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shearling coat

This shearling coat is the newest addition to my closet. Somewhat outside of my comfort zone, but so cool and I already love it so much. It’s a trendy piece, but picking it in a natural color like this brown one makes it more versatile. I think this is one of those jackets you can style up and down. You can wear casually to the supermarket, og you can throw it over your party dress to go out for the night.

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