How I Wear Dresses in Autumn/Winter

How I Wear Dresses in Autumn/Winter

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And today, it’s wearing dresses in winter. Not that it’s the biggest achievement in this world, but on the smaller spectrum I consider it rather important. I was never big on dresses. Love them on every one else, can never make them work for me. But I’m going to change that, and here’s how I’m going to wear dresses this winter.

Since I got myself a pair of knee-high boots in October, I got some courage to try wearing dresses with them. It’s one of the big trends we see returning every year when the degrees drop, but I’ve never actually tried it out myself. It has really been working out well, although I can definitely feel a little naked with bare legs. Also, I’m so afraid a wind might catch my skirt resulting in a bum-on-show situation we don’t need. But a pair of neutral stocking could probably do the trick for me.

Leave some bare leg

A tip to looking more feminine is choosing a dress that hits you mid (or a little over) thigh, so you leave a little bare leg before your knee high boots. This will definitely give you more figure, and if you’re shorter (like me) it will make you look taller.

Put on a hat

To make the outfit less summer and more autumn/winter put on a hat. I’m so in love with berets at the moment, and especially the one I’m wearing with pearls all over. It’s so festive and chic. Another style that is very trendy is the baker boy hat, which comes in so many different patterns and materials.

choose a heavier material

My tip to wearing dresses during autumn/winter is choosing darker colors and heavier materials. Materials like velvet, knit, or layered skirts that puts some weight on the dress screams “the festive season.” Further, I love wearing dark green, black, burgundy, grey, and festive patterns (this one is really cute) in the wintertime. Of course all colors go all year round, but there are just some that are more seasonal than others.

How I Wear Dresses in Autumn/Winter

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