How To Pitch Yourself To Brands

how to pitch yourself to brands

First of all, let’s just get one thing clear:

We all have to pitch ourselves to be seen. There are so many creators and freelancers in this world now, that you have to make some noise for people to notice you. So today, I thought we could talk a little bit about how to pitch yourself to brands as a creator. I will mostly be focusing on how you as a blogger/Instagrammer/YouTuber reach out to PR companies and brands to either receive products to write/talk/post about, get invited to events, or work with. So let’s get into it.

For a long time I found it almost wrong for me to reach out to brands, as I thought they obviously would reach out to me, when time was. You guessed right, no brands reached out. Because how should they know I exist? So I started sending emails our to brands an PR-agencies to simply create a connection. In today’s post I thought we could talk about how exactly such an e-mail can look and who you should reach out to, because yes, it’s pretty scary at first.

First of all

You should start by asking yourself who your audience is? If they are 20-something female, who like books, it doesn’t make sense for you to reach out to a company that sells coats. To put it very black and white. So find out which brands fits your target audience and your voice.

second of all

Then you need to find the right person to contact as well as this person’s email. This is a bit tricky - or can be - as many people’s emails aren’t just listed on the big www. Often you can find them on LinkedIn or Instagram, or you can phone the company you’re trying to get in contact with to get the right email. If all you can find after trying these steps is an info@ email, then go for it, but the odds of getting a response is in my experience way smaller.

how to pitch yourself to brands

How to write the email

I have made a little template for your to draw inspiration from. Please do not just copy and paste the below into an email, rather try to make your email as personal as possible.

Dear X,

I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far! My name is …, a Scandinavian woman living in New York, and I write a fashion & lifestyle blog named I’m reaching out because… and I would love to know what is new?

I came across your products/I’ve always been a fan of your products…

Please let me know if this is something you’d be interested in moving forward with… I’m also open to other ideas you may have as well…

Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you!

Very best/Kind regards,


Let’s go through the above. I always write ‘Dear’ as I find it very polite and proper. If I know the person I’m writing to, I will say ‘Hi.’ In the first paragraph you can start by greeting them with some version of ‘How are you', and then quickly move on to telling them who you are and why you’re emailing them. Most people read through their emails very quickly, and if they get 50 of these email every single day, you want to stand out. In the second paragraph you would tell them about why you’re contacting them and why you are a good fit. And then you move on to politely saying you expect some sort of response, and end the email with ‘Very best’ or ‘Kind regards’.

After you sent the email

I usually give it 5 days before I follow up, but if they don’t answer after that I take that as an answer too. Mostly I’ve had really nice correspondences though, and that way I’ve expanded my network and been able to work with new exiting brands.