My Top Tips To Self Care in the Winter

my top tips to self care in the winter

Phone free time

I relax so much, when I put my phone away. Be it to watch a movie, and actually watch it instead of looking at my phone. Or when I bake a cake and physically can’t touch my phone because my fingers are all greasy from the dough. The first ten minutes I’m usually more likely to pick it back up, but I think it’s so important to resist and have that time without your phone. After a little bit I tend to forget all about it, and be way more present.

Evening Skincare Routine

I’ve recently added a few products to my skincare routine, and changed it from being a quick ‘wash, wash, wash, and add cream’ to first washing with my facial cleanser, then double cleansing with micellar water to make sure all my make-up is gone, then I massage my face with a Argan oil & Vitamin E for a good 2-3 minutes followed by my night cream. It’s such a lovely routine, and I really relax while it goes on.


I use an app called Moody to write down my daily mood. I write one sentence about how I’m feeling and choose my mood, and then it all saves onto a calendar. It’s interesting to look back at a month and see when my mood was down and reflect on what might have coursed it.

My Top Tips To Self Care in the Winter

Don’t Underestimate A Good Bath

I take baths weekly. Long ones. I like to stay there until I turn into a human raisin. Both because it warms me up after being outside in the cold, but also because it makes me feel zen. I love adding different bath salt and oil, lighting a candle (I adore the smell of Pine Tree), and then I either put on a YouTube video on my phone or read a good book. Sometimes I’ll put on a face mask or use a body scrub. Remember to use a good body lotion after your bath to keep your skin hydrated and glowing.

Check out my favorite bath products below


I have two different journals: my Bullet Journal and my actual journal. They keep me on top of things. My Bullet Journal I use for work; to-do lists, goals, brainstorm sessions etc., and then I write in my journal weekly and sometimes daily. I don’t push myself to write every single day, if I don’t feel like I have anything to say, but I pick it up when I do. It’s a great way of spilling the tea without saying it out loud.

my top tips to self care in the winter

A long walk & A good cuppa

You should never underestimate the joy a good walk can bring. I love going for a brisk walk and looking at my surroundings when I’m feeling a little off. The fresh air just gives me joy in a way nothing else can. And I know nothing better than a Sunday walk in the cold winter with my man in hand, and then a cup a tea, coffee, or hot chocolate when we come home. It’s the ultimate hygge (as we say in Denmark).