Autumn Getaway To The Hamptons

Autumn getaway to the hamptons

love the city, but feel at home in the nature

This weekend we went on a cozy trip to The Hamptons with some friends. It was the perfect time for a little autumn getaway, and so gorgeous with the trees almost at peak foliage out there.

I love getting out of the city from time to time to breathe in some fresh air, listen to the silence, and go for walks in the woods. I mean, we even went to a park, where bird come and sit on your finger. Nothing can really beat that connection with nature.

We stayed with our friends in their vacation house in Noyak. We’ve been there before in the summer time - mainly to take advantage of the pool - so it was so nice to experience The Hamptons in the off-season. We went to The Southhamptons for lunch at the cutest café and to browse the shops. Everything was looking so festive with pumpkins and burned-color flowers everywhere. At sunset we walked around the scenic Elizabeth Morton National Wildlife Refuge Park where you are surrounded by birds and chipmunks, and if you’re lucky you can spot turkeys and deer. We didn’t see much else than chipmunks, birds, and squirrels, but the birds kept landing on my friends’ hand, so that was pretty cool! Then we came home to the house to played boardgames and eat pizza. My kind of Saturday evening.

autumn getaway to the hamptons

my new jacket blended in with nature perfectly

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autumn getaway to the hamptons
autumn getaway to the hamptons

Sunday we (or not so much me, more everyone else) had a massive lay-in, and I might’ve gone a bit hangry before we went to a diner for a late breakfast. I woke up at 6AM, but we hadn’t bought any food, because we wanted to go out for breakfast, so I slightly regretted that, when Edward and our friends hadn’t woken up yet by 10AM. But it’s all good, because we had a great breakfast (read lunch) and afterwards went to a really lovely bakery to get baked goods for the afternoon, and then we stopped at the cutest farm shop on our way back to the house.

autumn weekend getaway

Pumpkin spice and everything nice

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autumn getaway weekend

I had such an amazing weekend in the fresh air and just enjoying listening to the silence. I wouldn’t mind getting a little cottage outside of the city at some time in my life. Imagine how many great weekend escapes that could create!