My Favorite Festive Mugs

my favorite autumn mugs

I love a good mug

I had so much fun creating this blogpost for you guys! It’s the beginning of the festive season, and I we all know how much I love to grab any opportunity to be festive. Be it birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Autumn, Christmas. You name it, and I’ll celebrate it. Isn’t life just a bit more fun that way?

With being festive comes of course the eventful mug. I love a good mug. I prefer one for every occasion, and I honestly only have a few tea cups and mugs that actually match. It makes me happy being able to pull out a mug from the cupboard that matches my mood. For some reason my ‘Love Potion’ mug gives me a feeling of a hug and a boost of confidence, my ‘Pumpkin Spice Everything’ mug makes me fell happy about Autumn, my golden tea cups makes me feel luxurious, and my Royal Copenhagen cups takes me back to my true Danish roots. It’s lovely.

my favorite festive mugs

So for this post I wanted to share my favorite mugs with you from the stores right now. I couldn’t keep it to only a few, so I hope your as fanatic about your mug as me, and enjoy looking through them. I would love to know down below which is your favorite!

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