My December Goals


and then it was december

In November, I decided to start writing down my monthly goals. I thought if I write them down, I’m more likely to work on making them a reality. And it actually worked. So since it’s a new month, let’s take a look at what I achieved from November, and which goals I have for December. I would love to hear your goals in the comments down below.

I’m so proud of myself and the goals I’ve achieved in November. I have been so good at getting out of the house, since I joined a gym not too far from our apartment. I have made a little morning routine, where I go to the gym for a class, then I come home and start my day. On days where I have no meetings, I’ve sometimes gone to a café to work. This has really helped me not feeling so alone in this freelance world. Working from home is a blessing and a curse, and loneliness has definitely been one of the hurdles for me. I’ve been really good at putting myself first, when it comes to situations where I felt like something was off to me, I’ve been very good at walking away from it. Be it friendships or job offers. I’ve been really good at listening to my gut. Edward and I have been going on more dates. We have been on double dates for dinner with our good friends, we’ve been to art exhibitions, gone for cozy evening walks, and we even went ice skating.

This month, I want to do the same. Make some goals to hit. I also still want to keep hitting my goals from November. So here we go:


In December I’ve set a very specific goal that I’m very nervous about. For the first time in my little vlogging career, I want to do Vlogmas. Vlogging every day until Christmas. I’m sure it will be a big challenge, as I’ll have to film, edit, and upload every single day, but I’m up for it. I have enjoyed watching Vlogmas for 3 years now, so I feel like it’s time to try it out.


On top of wanting to do Vlogmas, I’m also gonna try doing blogmas. A blog post every day until Christmas. I have some really fun posts scheduled for you already, but let me know down below, if there’s anything you would love to read. It’s going to be across all categories, so New York guides, beauty, fashion, and more personal scribbles.

be festive

This December I’m focusing on doing festive things all month long. I want the Christmas barometer to hit a constant 120, and just feel happy and grateful.

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