My November Goals

my november goals

And then it was November

I’m honestly amazed by how fast this year went. I’ve been freelancing and working on my blog/YouTube for 7 months now and although it feels like it’s been forever, those 7 months have also just flown by so quickly. But since it’s a new month, I thought I would take a little look inside and create some monthly goals for myself. I would also love to know if you guys have any goals this month. Let’s get to it.

Get out of the house

It’s easy to just stay at home all day, when you also work from home. My livingroom (and bed, let’s be honest) is my office, so in November I want to be better at getting outside. I always feel more inspired and happy when I actually go work from a café, meet a friend for a coffee, for just go for a walk during lunch time. So one goal will be to do that more.

Work out regularly

I love working out once I get into a good routine, but honestly I just recently got into a proper routine again. I’ve learned that I’m better at working out at nighttime, so that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been going for a bikeride, done yoga, or done a muscle workout that really breaks a sweat. In November I want to keep working out, simply because it makes me happy.

Put yourself first

Not in an ego way, but I’m such a pleaser. I like everyone to be happy, and that sometimes means putting my own feelings in the back. So I want to be better at putting myself first in situations where I feel like things are not okay.

Push myself to do better every day

I want to work harder every single day and do better. I want to go to bed every single day feeling like I did something meaningful and important. If that is crossing off 10 tiny tasks on my to-do-list or sending that frightening e-mail to a company I adore and would want to work with. I just want to push myself!

my november goals

Plan more date nights

I literally LOVE going on date nights with my man (I mean, who doesn’t love date nights?), but we’re not the best at planning them and surprising each other. I see couples who have a specific day a week devoted to date night, and I think it’s so clever. My goal to begin with is to go on date night every other week. Small or big plans, doesn’t matter, it’s just about taking that time for each other.

I would love to hear your November goals down below!