Golden Hour: My Favorite Jewelry

favorite jewelry for fall

I’ve always loved delicate jewelry

Except those times where I flipped out style-wise as a teenager. I would wear enormous and very colorful earrings, investigate if I was in fact into a 10+ bracelets Arm Party, and it was also that time I would go on vacation and fall in love with some sort of brown-leather-band necklace with a turtle charm (I would wear it constantly until I arrived home and realized it was only cool on a beach in Thailand). But since entering my mid-twenties I’ve gathered a good stack of delicate jewelry pieces that I wear every. single. day. without fail.

I tend to wear three to four rings on each hand. Some rings I got years and years ago, and some I recently bought. I think the secret to a good ring stack it gathering them over time. They need to have history I think. Make sure they are in different shape, so delicate can go with statement, like I’m wearing it on the photo. The initial ring was gifted from oNecklace together with the beautiful Moon & Star necklace that I’m wearing.

favorite jewelry

Don’t let anyone ever dull your sparkle, dear!

my favorite jewelry

I’m one of those people that will feel naked, if I forgot to put on my jewelry. You know that feeling of getting out of your door, and stepping into the subway or sitting in your car your realize that you forgot your watch and jewelry. I’ve definitely been there way too many times resulting in just not wanting to take off my jewelry (and therefore sleeping and showering with it on). I’ve gathered quite a collection over the years and were also lucky enough to bring home some of my grandmother’s beautiful Christian Dior and Versace vintage jewelry this summer.

Jewelry for me is history. I enjoy putting on a ring and thinking about who gifted it to me, or when I bought it. Believe it or not, I believe looking at my jewelry through the years. Especially those teenage years. It always gives me a good laugh and a great memory. What’s your favorite jewelry? Let me know down below.

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Gold statement ring - oNecklace

Moon & Star necklace - oNecklace

Ring with diamond - Guldsmed Gram

Watch - Marc Jacobs (similar)

Earrings - vintage